Meteor does not execute a newly created app

I just did an update of Meteor (10-29-2016) and my apps will not run. I created a new app and it will not run:

F:\meteorApps>meteor create metApp

Created a new Meteor app in ‘metApp’.

To run your new app:

cd metApp


If you are new to Meteor, try some of the learning resources here:

F:\meteorApps>cd metApp


[[[[[ ~\F\meteorApps\metApp ]]]]]

=> Started proxy.

=> Started MongoDB.

C:\Users\ … \AppData\Local.meteor\packages\meteor-tool\1.4.2\\isopackets\runtime\npm\node_modules\meteor\promise\node_modules\meteor-promise\promise_server.js:190

throw error;

Error: EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, symlink ‘C:\Users\ … \AppData\Local.meteor\packages\meteor-tool\1.4.2\\dev_bundle\server-lib\node_modules’ ->


at Error (native)

at Object.fs.symlinkSync (fs.js:897:18)

at Object.wrapper (C:\tools\fs\files.js:1531:35)

at symlinkWithOverwrite (C:\tools\isobuild\builder.js:658:5)

at Builder.write (C:\tools\isobuild\builder.js:263:7)

at ServerTarget.write (C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:2214:15)

at C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:2322:30

at C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:2455:9

at Array.forEach (native)

at C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:2445:26

at C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:2385:7

at C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:2786:22

at C:\tools\utils\buildmessage.js:271:13

at [object Object].withValue (C:\tools\utils\fiber-helpers.js:89:14)

at C:\tools\utils\buildmessage.js:264:29

at [object Object].withValue (C:\tools\utils\fiber-helpers.js:89:14)

at C:\tools\utils\buildmessage.js:262:18

at [object Object].withValue (C:\tools\utils\fiber-helpers.js:89:14)

at C:\tools\utils\buildmessage.js:253:23

at [object Object].withValue (C:\tools\utils\fiber-helpers.js:89:14)

at Object.capture (C:\tools\utils\buildmessage.js:252:19)

at bundle (C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:2619:31)

at C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:2566:32

at Object.withCache (C:\tools\fs\files.js:1597:12)

at Object.exports.bundle (C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:2566:16)

at C:\tools\runners\run-app.js:574:36

at (C:\tools\tool-env\profile.js:490:12)

at bundleApp (C:\tools\runners\run-app.js:573:34)

at AppRunner._runOnce (C:\tools\runners\run-app.js:617:35)

at AppRunner._fiber (C:\tools\runners\run-app.js:876:28)

at C:\tools\runners\run-app.js:403:12

Is there someone who can help me with this?

Problem may be that I was creating the project on a memory stick on a USB 2 port. I will repeat the test with a USB 3 port to see if that makes a difference.

When I repeated the test on the hard drive, it does not fail.

That’s right. Just for you info, the meteor build tool internally uses some symlinks which on Windows are only supported on NTFS file systems. So if the USB drive is using FAT/FAT32 then the call will fail. You can re-format USB flash drives to be NTFS, so that may be a solution if you haven’t resolved it already.