Meteor does not launch after install it on Ubuntu alongside


Hi all,

I am facing a problem >> I have installed Ubuntu with windows (alongside), everything works great, then meteor on Ubuntu, works great but on windows I cannot launch meteor anymore.
I went to PATH variable added the right path, then removed and re-installed meteor >> nothing, same problem
Any known issue for that ?


Hmm. Not sure where you’ve gone wrong, but I’m using the same setup and can successfully run independent Meteor builds in WSL and Windows.

You do know that the installations and PATH variables for Ubuntu and Windows are different? Have you edited the wrong one? What were your exact steps?


tnx Rob. No. I did’nt know that. My steps were as simple as: install
ubuntu 14.04 next next next.
I did realise yesterday that the problem was a PATH problem because heroku command does not launch, and other stuff (i tried many things), even now repairing windows tools do not download, google chrome have strange behavior… last current try >> going to registry in windows to repair .exe because l do need my cmd…
any idea before reintalling windows are welcomed.