Meteor doesn't deploy

i am in my meteor project in the console and type:

meteor deploy

it asks me to log in, starts doing it’s magic, writes a few lines about packaging (for robots to read, everything goes superfast and disappers, i don’t understand why this could be meaningful - and then it stops with the error message below.

“Error deploying application: Connection error (connect ETIMEDOUT)”

[i kinda saw it coming. this meteor experience has been a bumpy ride, i have to say.]

please advise.

Sadly, MDG has disabled this service. Deployment now needs a paid access to Galaxy. Free hosting services exists, but are way less easy than the old “meteor deploy”.

thanks for your reply.
ok - so i will sign up now. a more meaningful error message could make things clearer.

the website doesn’t show how difficult it is to deploy onto galaxy, it asks me to sign up first.

is it difficult? mysterious? or smooth?

Sadly, that’s quite a frequent issue here. You’ll find a lot of posts of people trying to guess what’s going on. The MDG team is hard at work on pushing the framework further, and documentation (and communication) are quite lost in the process. Let’s hope they’ll correct this soon.

I didn’t went trough the Galaxy process yet. But your feedback is really welcome!