Meteor doesn't serve SVG images after first load


I have some SVG files in my public folder. when I first load the site it is there, but when I go to another route and come back meteor doesn’t serve the SVG files! but it does the .jpg file.
you can see it here .

It is not the load balancer issue, I have the same behavior in dev too.


You use relative URLs for your images and that is the reason. On the home page there is

<img class="allPosts-second-part-svg" src="start.story.svg">

which shows up when first viewing. When navigating to a different URL and coming back to the home page the browser can’t find the URL. The easiest fix is to use absolute URLs

<img class="allPosts-second-part-svg" src="/start.story.svg">

thank you so much @jamgold, you saved the day.