Meteor doesn't start after latest upgrade



I am still going through the tutorials. I upgraded to Meteor today and I am constantly getting following error
`ca-STivare-mac::~/cbmax $meteor update --patch
throw error;

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/private/var/folders/7j/q5q07jkj0qs38k218yf6bnl8y6wpw0/T/mt-c85hvj/os.json’
at Error (native)
ca-STivare-mac::~/cbmax $

I tried uninstalled meteor completely and reinstalled it. Still getting the same error.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Have you tried meteor reset? I’m not sure what’s in that /private/var folder


Happens to me too. I try meteor update but I get the same error


After reinstalling meteor with:

curl | sh

It works again, thanks anyway.


I have the same problem when I try to update meteor (from 1.4.1 to, reinstalling meteor with curl | sh and meteor reset doesn’t work.

Any suggestions? I’m stuck :sob:.



Did you install meteor outside of your project folder?

In your project folder did you try meteor update --patch ?

The reinstall meteor works for me in mac osx


Also, you can try:

curl | sh // outside the project

meteor update --release // inside the project

(taked from here:


I have restarted my mac, with all windows close, I have launched with terminal from the project folder curl | sh and meteor reset.

Now it works fine.



Thanks guys for the replies. I uninstalled the application once again and installed 1.4.1 using release=1.4.1 argument to the curl command and that seems to work.

The latest upgrade patch still fails. But no worries. I am still learning so not concerned too much about the latest version.



Whats they syntax for the curl with release=1.4.1

curl | sh

Sorry about the late response.


I was getting same errors.

meteor update --release // inside the project

Worked for me. Thanks!