Meteor Dropdown #each over a collection

I’ve been around this all day and i can’t figure why my each cycle is not working. I’m trying to create a dropdown with some countries.


    countries: function(){
        return Country.find({ });

View, template register

      <select id="country-select">
        <option disabled="disabled" selected="selected">Please Select</option> 
       {{#each countries}}
            <option value={{ name }}>{{ name }}</option>

I have records in the country collection

meteor:PRIMARY>{ }).count()

The only options that the dropwdown displays is the placeholder.

The solution that worked for me is by calling the ‘material_select’ function after the options data has been loaded.

Template.[name].rendered = function() { this.autorun(function() { var optionsCursor = OptionsList.find().count(); if(optionsCursor > 0){ $(‘select’).material_select(); } }); };