Meteor Dump v0.1.0 Released


rwatts:meteordump Version 0.1.0 has just been released to Atmosphere.

This package is a port of nodedump with additions such as a template helper.

Unlike many , my first programming language was Coldfusion. Although the language is as ancient as dinosaurs Coldfusion had great features that I truly enjoyed. One of those features being <cfdump>. And now Meteor users can enjoy this method.

Thank you,




for people who don’t know nodedump can you save us some googling with a brief explanation of what this is?

So in Coldfusion you can call <cfdump> which takes a variable could be an argument string, database query anything, and it renders a stack trace to the browser where you can collapse multiple layers.

There is an npm package that brings this ability to node.js. Meteor Dump simply wraps this package on the client, and allows you to call the dump either directly from the js file or within any template, via a template helper.

It is exactly like a console.log() except it renders the stack to the browser and it’s easier to read for some devs.

The package has more information and examples on how to use it.