Meteor educational resources no longer available

Hello guys, as the title suggests two of the most reputable in depth Meteor resources are no longer available – EventedMind and Bulletproof Meteor.

As for EventedMind, I reached out to Chris and he told me he had to shut down the project in order to focus on his next endeavor which also involves educational tutorial but he wasn’t clear about whether the Meteor tutorials would make a come back.

And Bulletproof Meteor went down, but I didn’t reach out to Arunoda so far.

I’ve tried raising these questions on the community Slack in case anybody had some content saved up or something but to no avail, so I decided to bring the discussion here in case someone had an idea about contacting the authors. I would love to hear your thoughts guys!


It would be nice if the authors allowed some of the content to be used elsewhere. There are very nice stuff out there that are still applicable to today’s Meteor versions.

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@harry97 ok, I found a lot of the EventedMind videos in my private collection. They are from around Meteor 0.7 and it could be the entire video collection. Not sure whether there would be any copyright infringement to share this with the community.
What would you think? Not sure who Chris is, could you get in touch and ask for opinion?!
This is a shot of the type of content I have:


This looks promising, I’ll try emailing Chris asking for permission but I’m not sure if he’d respond as he didn’t reply back to my last email. We’ll see, thank you.

Edit: just emailed Chris and Arunoda too! Hopefully we here from them soon!

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Yay! we got the green light. I purposefully linked @paulishca comment and he’s ok with it. You may also check while you’re at it.

Amazing. This now raises the question about the best way to provide it to the users. I also have ‘Discover Meteor’ in PDF and PUB (I think PDF was already circulated on the forum 1-2 months ago).

I think I’ll create a Youtube channel and videos linked into an HTML with a player or so.


This is awesome. Thank you for your efforts!

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Nice to read. I just jumped on the meteor wagon, and its being a bittersweet experience. I am loving the framework, but sometimes it feels like entering a ghost town, with so many resources unavailabe/abandoned.
So any resource will be welcome to keep learning, even if it is a little outdated.


Welcome to the club :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’d recommend you meteor-tuts for architecture/design and awesome-meteor for any recommendations.

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Thanks, two awesome resources!

After doing the official Meteor Tutorial, meteor-tuts is really nice, as it takes one step back, and makes you understand the basics of Meteor (things like Tracker or basic Account stuff), that feel like magic with the high level Meteor tutorial.

And awesome-meteor is great because is a curated list of packages, that are more or less updated, and let’s you focus in the stuff that works.

Really appreciated from someone that starts with Meteor!!

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Hi @harry97, I was 60% into this task and had a crush with my MTB in the mountains and been put out of service until l can raise my hand on the desk for typing. JS is ready and Meteor will be completed by next week. The resource is here Meteor chapters are not linked to their videos but … will do soon


I hope you’re feeling alright and get better soon.

Wow, thank you so much. It looks so neat and structured. Amazing work :clap: :clap: :clap:

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@harry97 all done now. I will make the announcement.

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