Meteor Email.send with Mandrill


Hey guys I am trying to send email with Meteor and Mandrill this is how I set it up.

process.env.MAIL_URL = 'smtp://'
Accounts.emailTemplates.from = 'myApp <>'

Then I try it sending like this.

      to: email,
      from: '',
      subject: 'Project Invitation',
      text: 'Hi, you have been invited to a new project. You can check it at'

Everything seems to be fine I get no errors. However in the mandrill app I cannot see my email, and I don’t get it to my inbox.

Do you have any idea why this happens?

P.S default transactional emails such as verify email, password reset etc. work perfectly.



mandrill will make you verify your domain and you have to then send all emails from the verified domain. Are you sure you verified your domain and are sending the from email from that domain?

They have a decent error log in mandrill, does that say anything about if it was delivered or not? red/green/yellow?

Forgot password emails are showing up in the mandrill console?

can you wrap the Email.send in a try/catch and see if theres an error?