Meteor email with images but images are not sent


I’m trying to send an email using an html template via cmather:handlebars-server in Meteor.

I’ve included email and handlebars into my project. I’ve received the emails, but only the text. None of my css/less or images are being included in the email though. I believe I am accessing the images correctly, because I can display the html page on the browser and it works perfectly fine.

I tried a couple of tests.

  1. deploying my meteor application to The result was the same, images were still not being shown in the email.
  2. I tried using a publicly accessible image from imgur, and the image from imgur was displayed.

My images are stored in the /public directory, I assume if my project is deployed on meteor that my images become accessible… however this may not be the case.

I’ve tried other packages as well and the results were the same.

Any help or suggestions would be great! Has anyone else been able to send an email with images?
Perhaps this is a bug? Not really sure where to go from here.


I’m sending html email with images using Meteor (meteorhacks:ssr) for rendering the templates. I was also initially a bit confused about how to accomplish it but only because I expected more complexity than there was. Steps:

  1. Render HTML, using Meteor.absoluteUrl(imgUri) for proper image src URLs.
  2. Send email.
  3. View email and be happy that it works.

The image URL must of course be publicly visible, so it won’t work with localhost, at least not for me when using gmail. Not sure if other email clients will just allow image requests to go off to any host.

I can’t speak about using CSS in emails because I didn’t need any. Inlining it will obviously just work. Otherwise I would assume that using a proper URL that is again publicly reachable in the href attribute of the link element will just work as well.


Thanks! this works haha. I also tried adding the actually domain in the src of the img and that worked as well. As for the css, I am now realizing the lack of support of css from email clients. So things like customized fonts and a couple of CSS attributes weren’t going to fly.