Meteor / Ember integration?


Hey folks - has anyone looked into or tried Meteor with Ember? In the words of @ryanswapp, it’s Blaze-like, as quick as React, with SSR, and new releases are always backwards compatible.


I think this is a really interesting possibility! I’ve been playing around with Ember the last day or so and it’s got everything a frontend app needs! Baked in Routing, Testing, SSR, Components, and much much more. Combine this with Meteor’s goodies and it seems like it could be a match made in heaven.


In addition, this very forum is an Ember app! Perfect example of the possibilities.


I smell a @ryanswapp Ember Meteor example app coming…

All joking aside, can you use an Ember model adapter to use a reactive data source? Perhaps with autorun?


I think you probably could… I’m thinking it might be too big of a headache to try to integrate ember into Meteor or vice versa, so it might be best to treat them as frontend/backend and keep them separate. This way you get the benefits of both communities because you wouldn’t be creating a frankenstein combination of the two. You could then connect to the Meteor backend over DDP. It sounds like it could be a very real possibility.

One thing that would be nice about this is that you could easily swap out or add an additional backend if you need a little more power.


Replacing the AJAX adapter would be trivial with Meteor methods but then it wouldn’t be realtime (which is better for perf in some cases).

What would you do for publications? listen for changes on the collection and then sync the minimongo with the Ember model? I guess I don’t fully understand how their data fetching works either :smile:


I’d imagine you could set up some kind of DDP client in an Ember app that talked with the Meteor backend and synced the data.

I don’t know enough about Ember to know how pub/sub would work :frowning: I’m in the same boat as you!

I think React is great and I’m not at all opposed to Meteor moving in that direction. I just wish that Meteor and React were more like Ember in that there is a right way to do things and it’s easy to build an app that wont turn into a mess a few months down the road. I also think the development experience is a lot better with Ember. You can generate all the code you need and everything just works. There are a lot of hoops to jump through when using Webpack and React. Especially when you introduce Redux.


+1 . I think Pete Hunt is working on a ‘thing’ that would basically make using webpack a one click install… and then allow you to opt into complexity if you need to. Would be great if someone would make a ‘framework’ that uses redux, react, and webpack all wrapped into one package like the Ember CLI does.

If only I could be funemployed and do things like that on the side :frowning: :laughing:


Absolutely! I heard that even Angular 2 is going to be using the ember-cli code to build a similar tool. I’m sick of boilerplate!! haha. React needs to catch-up.