domain for sale

Hey folks,

I used to be quite active with Meteor but since I joined Google a couple years ago, I had to move on to different technologies.

Therefore, my domain is for sale. It used to point to my WeWorkMeteor profile, and I got many good leads through it. I hope another Meteor fan will make good use of it!

See you in the JS ecosystem and keep up the good work,

PS: Mods, I hope this isn’t off-topic (I saw some other things for sale, e.g. Meteor Toys) but if it is, feel free to delete the thread.

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Also have: - $399 - $499 - $299

Selling to buy a Macbook Pro for my next big app for iOS. To buy all 3 for $800 - inbox me.

This isn’t appropriate, but I really need to…thanks