Meteor Exercises - a learning resource for beginners

Hi forums! :smile: I’d like to introduce:

Meteor Exercises

There’s only a single exercise in there so far, but I’ll be providing more soon™, and try to keep everything up to date with the latest release.

I have a number of collegues and friends who’re unfamiliar with Meteor, and have requested some sort of introduction to the platform through a number of exercises aimed at giving some insight into how things can be put together.

In response to this, I’ve set up a Github repo, and the aim is to supply a resource for learning Meteor. There’s already a number of great resources for this, and I want to differentiate my contribution by focusing on:

  • Providing simple exercises.
  • Not providing another guide/documentation for how things work.
  • Referencing official/high quality resources for learning how to solve my exercises.

This is all written for beginners, and should not be confused with a comprehensive thing (for example the Meteor guide) of how you should build apps, but rather a simple way to get into Meteor that complements all the great resources that’s already out there… :wink:

Any feedback or criticism is welcome, just keep it clean :tada:


hii …you learn this here

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This is pretty cool. Having a set exercises will help in understanding the concepts. Thanks for doing this

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Thanks for your feedback - I’m pretty sure I’m not doing anything meteorhacks or kadira is already offering :smile:

Also, I’m targeting newcomers, who just need a small push to get going. The exercises won’t teach you anything, you’ll have to teach yourself a few things in order to solve them :smile: I think this is quite different from most of what’s already out there.