Meteor fails to run locally since using log-timestamp


I’m still pretty new to Meteor and I was trying to override our console.logs by adding a timestamp using the log-timestamp package. I’ve added to line ‘require(‘log-timestamp’);’ toward the top of any files that use console.log outputs and it works fine when I deploy it to our server, however when I’m developing locally it is stopping during the startup of Meteor with the word LISTENING and does not proceed any further:

[2021-01-14T14:11:29.655Z] LISTENING

I’m guessing something looking for the unmodified string ‘LISTENING’ to continue further?

How can I get around this?

Thanks in advance.

I found this post from a couple of years ago: Problem overriding console.log in Meteor

I don’t entirely understand where I should put that code.

I’ve wrapped the require as such: if (Meteor.isProduction) {require(‘log-timestamp’);}

If anyone has any better suggestions please let me know. Thanks.