Meteor fails to start after update


I did a ‘meteor update’ while my server was running and now it fails to start.

This is what was updated:

This project is already at Meteor 1.6.1, the latest release.
Changes to your project's package version selections from updating package versions:
babel-compiler             upgraded from 7.0.2 to 7.0.6
base64                     upgraded from 1.0.10 to 1.0.11
check                      upgraded from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1
ddp-client                 upgraded from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2
ecmascript                 upgraded from 0.10.2 to 0.10.6
ecmascript-runtime-client  upgraded from 0.6.1 to 0.6.2
logging                    upgraded from 1.1.19 to 1.1.20
meteor                     upgraded from 1.8.2 to 1.8.6
minifier-css               upgraded from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1
minifier-js                upgraded from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3
minimongo                  upgraded from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4
modules                    upgraded from 0.11.3 to 0.11.5
momentjs:moment            upgraded from 2.20.1 to 2.21.0
mongo                      upgraded from 1.4.3 to 1.4.5
mongo-id                   upgraded from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7
promise                    upgraded from 0.10.1 to 0.10.2
routepolicy                upgraded from 1.0.12 to 1.0.13
standard-minifier-css      upgraded from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1
standard-minifier-js       upgraded from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2

And this is the error I get:

W20180322-00:38:49.076(2)? (STDERR) /Users/damiqib/Sites/Mando/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:475
W20180322-00:38:49.077(2)? (STDERR) }).run();
W20180322-00:38:49.077(2)? (STDERR)    ^
W20180322-00:38:49.077(2)? (STDERR) 
W20180322-00:38:49.078(2)? (STDERR) Error: Cannot find module '@babel/runtime/helpers/builtin/objectSpread'
W20180322-00:38:49.078(2)? (STDERR)     at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:538:15)
W20180322-00:38:49.078(2)? (STDERR)     at Function.resolve (internal/module.js:18:19)
W20180322-00:38:49.079(2)? (STDERR)     at Object.require (/Users/damiqib/Sites/Mando/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:288:32)
W20180322-00:38:49.079(2)? (STDERR)     at makeInstallerOptions.fallback (packages/modules-runtime.js:651:18)
W20180322-00:38:49.079(2)? (STDERR)     at require (packages/modules-runtime.js:244:16)
W20180322-00:38:49.079(2)? (STDERR)     at livedata_connection.js (/Users/damiqib/Sites/Mando/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/packages/ddp-client.js:149:45)
W20180322-00:38:49.080(2)? (STDERR)     at fileEvaluate (packages/modules-runtime.js:343:9)
W20180322-00:38:49.080(2)? (STDERR)     at require (packages/modules-runtime.js:238:16)
W20180322-00:38:49.080(2)? (STDERR)     at namespace.js (packages/ddp-client/common/namespace.js:1:300)
W20180322-00:38:49.080(2)? (STDERR)     at fileEvaluate (packages/modules-runtime.js:343:9)
=> Exited with code: 1

As it was complaining something about babel I ran this to revert babel upgrade, but this did not help:

meteor add babel-compiler@=7.0.2

Today and yesterday I’ve restarted the server numerous times and also ran ‘meteor update’ again. However nothing seems to help.


Trying to reproduce your issue I just ran meteor update on one of my projects and it updated the babel-compiler 7.0.6 (in indirect meteor module dependency), and then had the same problem when trying start the application.

@babel/runtime is actually a npm module and package.json listed it as
@babel/runtime": "^7.0.0-beta.39.

I just updated the npm module by doing this

± meteor npm i @babel/runtime
+ @babel/runtime@7.0.0-beta.42
updated 1 package in 2.476s

and everything was fine after that


It’s easy when you know what you’re doing. :slight_smile:

Thank you - this fixed the issue also for me.

Though, still wondering why this occurred in the first place.


Ran into the same issue meteor npm i @babel/runtime updated mine to version7.0.0-beta.44 and all is well.