Meteor fetched documents


I’m developing a simple app and I’m having some issue that I cannot explain.
I have deployed this simple app on a nano machine on EC2 and I’m not using
any oplog configuration.
Currently I’m the only connected user.

The problem is when I enter Kadira to inspect the perfomance of my app.

I have this publication called homeBoxes that is fetching 1280 documents with no active subs and the collection itself has 8 documents. So why Meteor is fetching 1280 documents? All publications are fetching an enourmous number of documents and I cannot understand if I’m doing something wrong. This app is developed using IronRouter all subscribe are called in IronRouter waitOn, I wasn’t able to find any usefull information, is this related to the fact that I’m not using oplog configuration?


Have you still got autopublish enabled?


No, autopublish it’s not there. I have faced the same problem with another app:


Have you checked out subs-manager?


I’ve used in one project.
The strange thing is that I’m using a simple pattern:
Router.route(’/’, {
action: function () {
waitOn: function(){
return [Meteor.subscribe(‘homeBoxes’),

The collection has only 8 documents but Meteor fetch 1280 documents. This is weird.