Meteor file watcher doesn't recognize file changes on some files

Hi everyone,

i’m wondering if some of you are experiencing similar problems or may have even found a solution.

Since the update to 1.5, meteor seems to have stopped watching some files on my dev machines (Win 8.1 and Win 10).
For most files it works as expected: when modified, meteor prints “Client modified — refreshing” and the modification is being displayed in the browser.
But for some files, modifications are just not recognized and the browser never refreshes. Then i have to shut down meteor and restart completely with “meteor run” which then displays all modifications just fine but still isn’t watching for any new modifications.
So far i’ve only experienced this behavior with html files (containing blaze templates) and scss files (i’m using csats:scss).
Funnily enough, when the whole project is cloned from repo and set up feshly, everything works fine for a few modifications, then meteor again starts to ignore some template and scss files. The amount of ignored files also seems to increases with time and there is no error message to be found.

Has anyone already encountered this problem? Constantly restarting the whole application during development is a real pain :frowning2:

Same here, but also with js files of the server

I have noticed this as well. Thought it was just me!

This issue has been present for me since I first started using Meteor. It really slows down things as I have to restart the server every time I want to test things. It becomes really frustrating while debugging. I have to wait up to a minute for every 10 second change I make.

Just now I have this file that won’t trigger a refresh. Yet, I have worked on this file for a week without any problems and now it just doesn’t work.

I hope this issue will be looked into.

This issue has been fixed and will be coming in Meteor 1.5.2:

This is some great news. Thank you!