Meteor Files as SaaS πŸš€

Hello Meteorites :wave:

We are launching Meteor Files as SaaS in open beta!
A new player in file sharing and upload niche.

Key features:

  1. :package: We are the first service to allow single file uploads over 5TB. In fact, our top-tier plan has no limit for single file size
  2. :rocket: Resumable and resilient uploads with multi-layered fail-overs
  3. :desktop_computer::computer::iphone: Start upload on one device β€” continue on another
  4. :comet: Built using Meteor.js

Encouraging you to register and try it while it’s baking hot right from the oven. We are looking forward to getting feedback regarding the following:

  • UI/UX
  • Design impressions
  • Pricing & Plans impressions
  • Upload speed, concurrency, and performance
  • Download speed

Back story: I’m an active Meteor.js and maintainer. I have developed and contributed to Meteor.js packages for more than ten years. In 2015, I published the first version of the ostrio:files package. Since then, it has become the most popular solution for file uploads within Meteor.js and projects built with it. During all those years of active development and maintenance, I’ve learned a lot about file uploads and delivery.

I’ve been lucky enough to work in the media production industry and see from the inside how often employees struggle and have to wait longer hours for source files to get to 100% before they can call it a day. That’s why one of the first features I wanted to deliver is the ability to resume the same file upload from a different device as long as the original file remains in the user’s possession, like on a hard drive or USB thumb.

Today, I have a small and very talented team, we are happy to bring Meteor Files to life as SaaS. I’ve put all my previous experience to the goal of building the most reliable, resilient, and durable file upload and sharing service with features not present by competitors.

More features are coming soon:

  • :calling: Resumable downloads
  • :busts_in_silhouette: Team and project management
  • :file_cabinet: BYOS β€” bring your own storage
  • :card_index_dividers: Hosted solution
  • :office: White label.

Use this coupon 10OFFFORMETEORCOMMUNITY to get 10% off the first 2 months on M and L plans. Give it a try and let us know what is the most crucial feature in file uploads and sharing for you and your business. I’m looking forward your feedback

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Glad to see others launching projects using Meteor, great work :clap:


You have my attention. Looks great! How do you compare to solutions like Filestack (which we currently use)?
What about CDN?
In our use case we are looking to upload book covers and need them delivered efficiently to our customers (we could potentially use our existing CDN to achieve that somehow).


Jan, thank you for the question. At the first phase (this is where we are at right now) we focus on consumer uploads (think of DropBox mixed with WeTransfer). Tools for developers and businesses are coming soon.

Tell more details about your pain points and what are the most important features of Filestack you depend on?

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OK, got it! Right now for that we have ProtonDrive, but it is good to know that we have a good supplement if needed.
For Filestack we are all about pictures. We like the transformations that it allows during the upload process (though we only need the basic ones) and the option to define the size of the picture to display, but here I still have to crack how to do this properly to utilize the HTML5 picture (mostly the settings here are a bit confusing to me). We like the DNS aspect of things, but we will most likely switch to our own S3 or equivalent as we grow, so I’m dreading a bit the migration.

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@storyteller thank you for sharing. At the end will become a hybrid of Filestack (uploads and distribution only, no modifications) and ProtonDrive/DropBox/WeTransfer with distinguish option to BYOS (bring your own storage). As well as hosted/branded solutions for Enterprise.

Here are some screenshots:


Looks great! Will keep that in mind as later on I might have a need for this.

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Thank you everyone for valuable feedback, comments and reactions. This means a lot to me and our small team.

I’d love to share our upcoming launch on Product Hunt
I hope Meteor Files will attract your attention, you will find a use in it, and will be able to support our launch at 2pm EET/5am PDT (Tuesday 12, March) and during this whole week

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