Meteor-Files (FilesCollection) - WebRTC/DC for upload

Hello folks,

As many of you knows in Meteor-Files you can use DDP or HTTP transports for file upload, you can read about pros and cons of both methods in this interview and in docs.

For few last weeks I was tinkering uploads via WebRTC Data Channel (RTC/DC).
And today I’m happy to announce the support for RTC/DC as upload transport. It’s not yet merged with master branch, but published to Atmosphere as ostrio:files@1.6.11-rtc.

I would like to hear community feedback on this feature. Please test it on your end.

  • Does this feature needed?
  • Why you need this feature?
  • Maybe you’re looking for solution to send files p2p (browser-to-browser)?
  • Any other feedback is highly appreciated

Sincerely, thank you.

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I think most people don’t care how upload is done as long as it works. What’s more important is that it works reliably, even on slow and unreliable connections (which happens to be commonplace if we look at the bigger picture).

The Javascript version of Dropbox SDK V2 now has upload functionality which was made available earlier this month. Here’s a simple example using plain HTML and JavaScript that works straight from a browser:

Partly agree on:

most people don’t care how upload is done as long as it works

I’m looking for feedback from minor part of devs, who do care.
Different apps, has different requirements and TA. While DDP will fit most of apps, some of them will work better on HTTP or RTC/DC. So, I believe devs should have an option to choose.

Dropbox SDK V2 now has upload functionality

Great, so you don’t need to use any third-party solution, like package discussed in this thread

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