Meteor Files: Product Hunt Launch

Hello dear Meteorites :comet:

Today is the launch day for Meteor Files into the wild :partying_face:Meteor Files - Resume interrupted file uploads without losing its progress | Product Hunt. Please share your reviews, comments, and questions at Product Hunt. I hope our service will find its place in your bookmarks solving day-to-day tasks.

Couple of words about Meteor Files:

  1. Upload can be resumed after internet interruptions, computer reboots, closing tab or browser. Continue uploading even from another device! For example pulling out USB-stick and resuming upload from another computer
  2. We built the first file-upload service without file-size constraints. The first to overcome 5TB limit per single file!

PH launch comes with exclusive lifetime offer! Don’t forget to grab it.

I hope you, your colleagues, and partners will find it useful for daily business needs.
Can’t wait to try? Here’s direct link —


Congrats @dr.dimitru

Being featured in the product hunt is fantastic!

:clap: :clap:


That’s our collective success, this won’t be possible without open source and Meteor.js


More details about Meteor Files, technology behind it, and my motivation — Meteor Files: Resume interrupted file uploads without losing any progress - DEV Community