Meteor filesystems for updating files and images etc

My app have been used just by friends and their friends (maybe less than 1000 person), so I have not had reason to remove insecure package yet. Now I did and everything worked nice and smooth, but it appeared that CFS images from .meteor/local/cfs -folder are not loaded after the package. I was searching for a solution and found out that CFS has been deprecated.

What are the best alternatives for CFS, because I do not see point to use CFS anymore and how can I grant an access to my CFS images/files meanwhile.

I’ve seen the following package thrown around quite a bit, although I’ve not used it myself:

As for granting access to your CFS collection, you just have to publish the collection just as you would any other collection in Meteor:

const Videos = new FS.Collection('videos', { stores: [ new FS.Store.FileSystem('videos', { path: '~/cfs/videos' }) ] });

Meteor.publish('Videos.all', function publishVideos() { return Videos.find({}); });