Meteor for Android geolocation app

I need a quick way to build a geolocation app which can also upload photos.

I have 3 years experience working with meteor web apps, however never tried an Android build.
This can be a very basic app which submits geolocation and uploads photos to S3.
I need the front end to be React.

Since I’m new to this, is it easy to get going? Any nice starter project? And is meteor the a good enough tool for the job or should I consider some other build platform?

Like I said, I know meteor and React well, but the quickest dev time is most important on this. Any android starter recommendations?

You could always use react native which is pretty similar to React.

If you want to test it quickly you could even use Expo which means you won’t have to download and install android studio or Xcode (works for both windows, linux and mac).

You can connect it to your meteor project by using the react-native-meteor package.

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We are currently building a hybrid app (Android and iOS) using Meteor + React + Onsen UI.

What was difficult was knowing about the following:

  1. How Meteor + Cordova work: (not sure if this is already complete)
  2. How Cordova + Android and Cordova + iOS work

Our team is now on a second project of the same framework and we have already learned so much from the first project.

On top of my head, I will use the official cordova geolocation plugin and use cloudinary for photos upload. If you will need the camera, then the official cordova camera plugin works really well.

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