Meteor for building social network

Hi guys, I am using MeteorJS for building a social network for my local community.

I wanted to know if its a good choice? How many users can connect to the app at the same time if i host the app in a basic server having 1gb ram?

Also, I am looking for partners. Profit from this project will be shared among contributers. I just need developers with good HTML/CSS skills (web designing). So, if you are interested to contribute to the project, just send me a message.

bumping for more views.

IMO this question is rather rhetorical, 'cause there’s no particular infromation or details, so the only reasonable answer is it depends.
From my expierence, I had somewhat like a social network in production, not really complex with about 3000 users overall and about 300 of them were fairly active, I had a simple droplet with 2gb RAM and it had no downsides while running.

I’m running an SaaS build using Meteor and have 200+ users on at the same time and the CPU usage rarely exceeds 20% using a $10 DO Droplet.

I honestly believe Meteor’s performance will depend how you developed your app/coded your app, what dependencies you use, etc. It’s not completely dependent on the platform itself.

I think Meteor is a good choice for a social network, IMO.

@vadik @sprolee Thanks guys for the info.

I think meteorjs is a good choice if the users of the site is in moderate level.

But i am wondering what server does a big site like codefights uses?