Meteor for Intellj

How can I use Intellij IDE with Meteor? Apparently WebStorm supports Meteor out of the box, but because I’ve already got Intellij installed for Java development and it’s configured to my liking, I’d rather use this.

Intellij built in package manager does not have any Meteor packages even though one does seem to exist: When I manually install this plugin I get an error saying it depends on unknown plugins such as handlebars and other stuff.

Hi @KristerV! You can use IntelliJ core Meteor plugin to install it directly from Preferences --> Plugins searching in Install Jetbrains Plugin
I have intelliJ 14 Ultimate and it works fine for me.

is IntelliJ any different than WebStorm?

Can’t you export preferences from one to another?

Webstorm is web development only. No PHP, JAVA (and Java tools like Android, DB builder and Ant) and others languages included. The rest of all is identical.

yes but can’t you transform webstorm in intellij and viceversa, using plugins? aren’t preferences exportable?

I got a full intellj license, I’ve been using it for a few months, only for meteor though. I leave Python, C++ and OpenCL to gedit, but I would like to use them on webstorm too. Does it means that I will have to install CLion, … or can I squeeze everything in webstorm?

No, you can’t transform Webstorm to intelliJ, but you can extend intelliJ to Webstorm functionality :smile: Jetbrain commercial strategy is to buy intelliJ to rule em all. If you can’t purchase it, you can choose other single product for single language. Ex: Webstorm --> JS, CLion --> C++, phpStorm --> PHP and so on…

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ah, looks like IntelliJ ultimate does support javascript and Meteor, but the community version doesn’t. Oh well, let’s try webstorm then…

It sucks, because then I’ll have Intellij, Android studio and Webstorm installed, which is like 3 different installs of the same app…

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I have 3 of their apps installed as well and it’s no big deal really. They are similar, but still differ enough that it makes sense to have them as separate environments – Java, PHP and JS/Meteor all require slightly different tools and plugins, depending on how you work with them.
(And I pay for all 3 versions and it’s worth it, too. But that’s just my perspective, being a long-time IntelliJ IDEA user… version 6 or something?)

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