Meteor for large application

Hey guy . i’m newer with meteor . i just need to clarify about some possibilities with meteor . im full stack developer & i’m working with php & python . one of my client suppose to start social community application for creative designers. (somthing like These day we research & analysis tool & technology .

Client need to ,
Web application
Mobile view application
Mobile app(apple/windows/android)

So we decide make API backend using php (laravel) . it can use for as data center for all application platform

Technologies .

  1. Server : google cloud
  2. DB : marina DB & mongo DB
  3. Cache : memcached (may be Redis)
  4. Image storage : google CDN
  5. Search Engine : sphinx index
  6. API : php(laravel)

For the mobile , we decide use React native front end . for the web we intrest develop with meteor(with react) front end.

I have some prob with meteor .

  1. can do with meteor (work with web service)?
  2. I need to high SEO on search engine is that possible with meteor?
  3. Performance with web service ?
  4. Is better metero for API rather than Laravel ?

i really pleasure if you can help me to solve this .

  1. Meteor can work with web services. However you may find it advantageous to connect it directly to MongoDB.
  2. You can help SEO with
  3. Performance with a web service should be no different than any other React application but see point #1.
  4. Relative to php and python, one of the major benefits of NodeJS (and by inheritance, Meteor), is being able to use the same language on both the client and the server. This allows you to put your code in the best place depending on the specific performance and security requirements while only writing in one language. For me at least this avoids the frequent and annoying context switch between two languages and asynch/synchronous programming styles.

There are also huge advantages relative to mobile in that you can write for both mobile and desktop at the same time.

However if you are far down the road with your current architecture it may be too late to retrofit a full-stack framework onto your project.