Meteor for M1 MacBook

I think it would be okay because heard that nodejs was working.

But did anyone test for a lot of working for meteor projects and packages?

Just search. There is an existing topic about this

I know.

I’ve not asked just for meteor installation, but also a lot of working for projects and packages experience.

I don’t believe that all the problems is just solved after installation.


The things is that node works NATIVELY on Apple M1 Silicon only from v15 onwards.
Meteor use v12, so the best thing is to use Rosetta 2 compatibility layer on a terminal instance and you are ready to go, see there.

Native package (those that need to be compiled on the platform you are using) has the same issue.
So running Rosetta 2 let you run Intel x86 in compatibility mode, until Meteor will jump to Node v16.


Yes you need to run Meteor in Rosetta mode, no way around it for now. Best is to run your terminal in Rosetta mode. But then still it’s :rocket: faster than the previous MacBook.

Thanks for replying you all guys.
I’ve been using M1 mac already and satisfying for performance.
Rosetta looks fine and works good for all specific packages yet.
But sometimes I got memory overflow for bulk & expensive process which does not happen in intel mac.

I have no idea the memory issue could be binding on Rosetta things,
but it’s good to be using for stress test as well,
so I think we can say M1 mac is good to go with Meteor for now for sure-