Meteor for static read-heavy apps?

I love using meteor because of its command-line tools, no need to setup anything, just add packages and you’re good to go.

However my app is mostly static, to save memory and making it more scalable I am thinking about using Meteor methods to retrieve data instead of subscribing to them.

It is just as easy as subscribing to datas, same code with meteor.methods instead of meteor.publish, and instead of meteor.subscribe.

My question is , is there ANY big down side for doing this? how does this compare to something like an express.js or rails back end?

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Yeah the biggest downside here is that you no longer get caching from Minimongo - Meteor automatically deduplicates data sent from subscriptions.

However, there isn’t any downside to doing this compared to Express or similar, because it doesn’t have those features anyway.

I agree with sashko. With server side rendering, we can do pretty good job for these kind of apps.

I’m also interested in building sites where reactivity is minimal. Here are some related resources in case you haven’t collected them already: - in some cases this may be all you need - variation on the above - uses methods under the hood - describes a method approach using Fetcher