Meteor Forum missing CSS

Earlier today these forums broke for me. Well the only thing “broke” is the CSS for the forums is throwing a 500 Internal Server Error so the page renders like a horrible Craigslist nightmare.

I tried it on another browser, just to make sure it wasn’t a caching issue on my browser, and they both break exactly the same. Here is the broken/missing CSS:

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I’m seeing the same problem. That being said, holds up pretty well without a stylesheet.

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I’m getting the same thing… it’s difficult, though not impossible, I guess, to post!

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It’s not exactly graceful degradation, but it’s mostly usable.

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Same here, doesn’t look good.

Mine wasn’t working an hour ago, but looks fine now…

So Sorry, this is totally our fault, we are working on fixing the underlying issue.

Our glusterfs volume had a corruption we are correcting, all data is backed up but it takes a while to heal it.


A quick update on the issue. I spent a fair amount of time today refactoring our internals so we no longer need a shared filesystem to serve the site’s css.

This means that our shared FS crashes now the site will keep running (albeit without images)

We are considering shifting image storage to an external service following some of the pain we have had here.


We are done moving off gluster, images should all be back to normal. We have 13 images missing which we will be restoring from backup later on.