Meteor Front End Developer for Hire

Hello Everybody!

In the past few months I’ve worked on meteor project together with other developers, and it has been quite a pleasant experience.

I’m currently finishing my postgrad, and I would like to port some of the ideas I worked on to Meteor, as open source projects.

I succesfully ported some open source themes to meteor, but porting commercial themes is too difficult for me.

I’m looking for someone who can help me, with understanding of Sass/Compass and Less.

It shouldn’t be too much work, as I was able to do most of it, so I’m sure we can reach an economic agreement if you can guarantee me that you are capable of finishing the task.

Hope to hear from you guys!

Edit: I corrected a lot of typos/errors. I wrote this message from my mobile phone, out of frustration from the n-th problem with CSS :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there!
Would you care to describe further or give some specific examples of what exactly you’re trying to accomplish and what you imagine getting help with / hiring help for?

Open source themes for Meteor definitely sounds good and is something that I personally would very much like to see more of and encourage!

Feel free to shoot a message if you’d rather talk in private, and be sure to include some specific questions, e.g. about Sass, to get the conversation started.


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I’ve read one of the post in the forums that there a few admin bootstrap themes ready for Meteor just as this