Meteor Galaxy developer cost per month for a hobby project

I made a web application as my side project in Meteor and now want to put that on my CV .I do not want to deploy it on free meteor server as it does not work most of the time and people can not visit my web app conveniently .So i want to ask what if i deploy my app on Meteor Galaxy with Developer plan (pay as you go ), how much it will cost me per month as there will be no real users and i just want to make it accessible on first click as if some one check it while reading my CV.Thanks


Hum… this is exactly where I am atm which sucks, here’s some detail on the monthly costs, very cheap:

I have one galaxy container, and I use the free tier mLab (mongoLab) hosting.
It is more costly than Digital Ocean but I am happy having peace of mind and also supporting MDG.

Ideally they could have some sort of bulk plan where I can deploy 4 or 5 apps on containers, all with very low usage and only pay for peak utilisation…

You may use bluemix that has 375GB hours per month for free that means an instance with 512MB.

More than enough for your hobby app. It’s production like hosting, no idling! As suggested before you can link a mLab free tier sandbox mongodb (500MB).

It’s not a no brainer to deploy like galaxy, still is quite easy. I wrote a step by step tutorial here

After 30 days trial you have to put your credit card. It’ll never be charged though cause your application still has 512MB

Oops: I’ve just realized I replyed to mordrax instead of soni1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a $5 a month Digital Ocean Droplet

Then use MupX. It will setup everything for you.

If you want to host multiple websites, then you can setup nginx, and then a bit of manual config to point to the different webs. ( there was some talk of building this into mupx, but not sure it got anywhere )

Not sure Galaxy is really meant for anyone until the Meteor side is complex enough that you need the monitoring tools or something… actually, I don’t really get their business case, but some people are using it. More important initially is your Db ( which Galaxy doesn’t do). So if you want a bit more security, then spending a bit more on would be a better use of money.

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