Meteor Galaxy - hosting 2 apps on the same account... extra dollars?

Looking to deploy a second app to my Galaxy account. Will I be billed extra?

Currently I’m paying $28 USD a month for BARELY any useage! Friggin entry level tier is expensive.

From what I see, yep, it’s extra dollars. I have a support ticket in.

Instead, I am hosting locally, added a subdomain, and pointing an A record to my IP.

Yes. You will pay extra.

I think if u u use Galaxy so little at $28 a month first an extra account pays the full price weird but that seems to bee the rules. Perhaps will do better of a vps might be cheaper [ if u take the extra work for granted].

The thing is, Galaxy is built for Meteor. So you’re kinda stuck paying for it lol.

Just wish there was a $10 dollar container to start… Jeeze

At this rate I may switch to self hosting on my Alienware R17 until I’m production ready.

Have you tried Zeit’s Now?

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May have to try this. Can’t afford $300/month just to run a hand full of portfolio/example apps.

I’m actually self hosting now. It’s fine until I start making that sweet cash…