Meteor Galaxy Hosting DNS Configuration

Hey All,

Ive spent hours reading docs and I can’t seem to get my DNS configured properly to use a custom domain with galaxy hosting. I’ve setup multiple meteor sites with manual installs on digital ocean servers with 0 issues.

I can’t seem to find these basic things listed anywhere:

What are the name servers? Am I supposed to change them? If so go daddy requires two name servers and I think I only see one listed for galaxy.

What is the A record configured to?

CName record?

This is all being done for a domain with out www sub domain.

Thanks in advanced. I’m losing my mind over here.

BUMP. Anyone here work for galaxy? They haven’t answer my ticket in over 24 hours.

What you are looking for should be the ingress cname provided below for each of the three Galaxy regions. Wherever you manage your domain, create a cname record with that target. In the Galaxy gui you can add your domain name.

I appreciate your reply but that seems to be the easy part to figure out.

based on the docs and my support I currently have the default name servers, not changed since purchasing domain, no A record, and now just one CNAME record such as:


I have built and actively maintain servers that have meteor apps on them so I understand most of these things. This setup just doesn’t work for some reason.

On galaxy I have deployed to in the east region.

What am I missing?