Meteor Galaxy - How pricing works


I understand the price for Galaxy is $0.04 an hour per container running, but I am wondering if the container is always running? For example, if you have used the free hosting with Heroku your app sleeps when it is not being used and have no visitors. This is great because you have an allotment of free dyno hours every month and when the app sleeps it isn’t using up that free time you get. Obviously, there is a downside to this but for a hobby app, this is ok for me.

My question is does Galaxy do the same or similar thing? When I have no visitors or people on the app does it sleep automatically and not charge me for the time it is sleeping or will it run indefinitely until I manually turn it off. If it doesn’t sleep it would cost $28.80 USD on average a month to host which is a bit high for me to afford considering I need to host my db elsewhere.

Any help, clarification or advice would be greatly appreciated!


There is no Heroku-esque “snooze” with Galaxy. There are two states of a Galaxy container at the moment:

  • Uploaded and Running – Container is active, your site is live and the meter is running.

  • Uploaded and “Stopped” – This is really more of a “pause”. Your application is still uploaded to Galaxy, but the container is not running and your site is not available. The meter stops when you pause.

In my experience, small, low-traffic projects are cheaper to run on a shared VPS with mup or on Heroku w/ MongoLab.


Thanks for the quick response and help! I think for now i will probably go with the Heroku route but Galaxy is something to consider for maybe a bigger client project.

All the Best!


For sure! I keep an eye on Galaxy news since it is a relatively new platform and I suspect new features are on the way (can you say, “hosted Mongo”?)

For the moment, though, I can’t justify the difference between a monthly $5 VPS/virtually free Heroku and $30-Galaxy container + $ 40-database host.


Yeah completely agree. Right now its not the best choice (based on price) but as things improve i would love to move over to Galaxy for projects and support the Meteor team.


I use scalingo for 14eur\month and a get a free 500mb mongo hosting from them