Meteor / Galaxy migration to Compose mongodb 3.6+

I am getting errors with setting up compose with galaxy, is their an official guide for setting it up correctly, now using shards instead of replica-set and does oplog still a best practice with for production.

I am currently getting “MongoError: not authorized on compose to execute command” which looks like an authorize error.

the official article takes some issues into account but seemingly not all of them.

I using only a single route/url rather than 2, I add the oplog add-in and pointed it at admin/local wondering if its something with the ssl certificates?

I am able to connect to Compose but without a replicaSet with the oplog seemingly working as well,

when I add the option it gives the error:
"MongoError: no primary found in replicaset or invalid replica set name"

The details that I can find is to only use one of the 2 provided urls, but that was as of meteor 1.4 their just isin’t enough updated documentation.


then under add-ons > add Oplog … spins up > configure to get the string

the oploguser is to be added to the admin database when it sets itself up.

this only works if I remove the replicaSet which would cause issues in a production setting with it off.

I removed the replicaSet from the main url string as its running a shard, their is one running on the oplog but its failing to connect. its timing out, something with the Arbiter.

In the end I just moved it over to Atlas with some struggles but once I figured it all out, its up and running, sorry you just aren’t usable for meteor projects any more. Atlas still uses replicaSet at M10.