Meteor & Gaming talk - Wednesday & Thursday

Hi all -

I’ll be giving a talk on using Meteor as your awesome new HTML5 indie game back end this Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern, 4PM Pacific. It will be broadcast live at the Atlanta and Montreal Meteor Meetups, so if you’re in those areas, come join us for a demo and Q&A!

I am just the speaker, not the organizer, so I don’t know details on remoting in - I think at this point we don’t have it set up for watching over the Internet. We will be recording it, and I hope to have video available…

…on Thursday, 7/30, which I will (hopefully) announce at this week’s Devshop. I’m signed up for a lightning talk which will again demo the game and give a quick overview. If there’s a video link available by then, I’ll share that as well.

Hope it’s helpful for some, and look forward to questions!