Meteor + Google Cloud ( npm.gcloud) = Cannot find module './aes'

Been struggling with Google cloud storage for days without any success

Using gcloud the straightforward way will end up in
Uncaught Error: Cannot find module './aes'

It’s complicated finding good information about this, looking at this thread Meteor 1.3 beta has a problem when “require” is called dynamically and here

Github thread brings up

api.use(“modules”) and then call var require = meteorInstall();.


Care to post the relevant parts of your code?
Also, what Google Cloud package are you using? (“npm.gcloud” does not make much sense to me. You probably mean “gcloud”?) How did you install it?
Which version of Meteor are you using? Are you developing a package or an app?

@seeekr there is not really any relevant code, using gcloud recommended config

import gcloud from 'gcloud';

var gcs ={
  projectId: 'my-project',
  keyFilename: '/path/to/keyfile.json'

The issue is not really related to my code, there is a issue between gcloud npm and meteor, if you check the links you will understand.

Running master version currently

Are you attempting to use the gcloud package client side? It’s a server based node package, so it will only work when called server side. For example:


import gcloud from 'gcloud';

will work.