Meteor Grapher tutorial

Does anyone know of a good Meteor Grapher tutorial?

I would like to suggest you check this:

Thanks @shivambhatele, I’ve been trying to work through the documentation as well as the Meteor Tuts site, but I find they both jump around and I was hoping someone had put together a ‘follow along’ tutorial. I’m trying to upgrade an existing Meteor site with Grapher.

This old repo might be of help.
Unfortunatly the Grapher documentation is quiet hard to follow and understand and @diaconutheodor doesn’t appear frequently here anymore…

Hello, can you please describe why is it hard to follow and what can be done to improve it? Thanks!

Would it be possible to create a YouTube tutorial? I found the docs are well documented, but I think it would be easier to follow a video tutorial that starts from basics fo more advanced cases.

I’m always puzzled on how to use grapher with reactive aggregations, as my application generates lots of reports.

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Sure !
The documentation seems to be written like a book. You’ve to read all the story to anderstand some of its parts.
The beginning is really appealing and well documented btw.

But one should wait the end of the long page to get the difference between named and global queries. But this is only one example.

Some chapters hide some very important informations, while only high level chapters appears in the navigation menu. They should be splitted on differents pages, with sub-chapters.
A search field should be handy too.

Some related examples covers usecases that are difficult to compare.

The react-grapher should be documented somewhere, as well as other related plugins.

There should be a place to share collaborative snippets somewhere.