Meteor Guide 1.5?

Will the new Meteor 1.5 have a new corresponding guide? If so, when will it be available? Given all the new features in this release, I’m curious if anything has changed with regard to best practices and coding recommendations.


Anyone have implementation examples of dynamic imports / code splitting?

A new guide? I’m assuming you mean updating the existing guide to capture the new features?

No, I’m talking about an official guide for the 1.5 release. Go to and look at the dropdown with the release version. As of right now, 1.4 is still the latest guide available.

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Got it, so it’s an updated guide version for that release.

Hi @maddox - it’s being worked on. The 1.5 Guide changes weren’t quite ready before the official launch of 1.5, but they’re coming very soon. In the meantime, the 1.5 announcement post does a great job of touching on the most important changes, and how to leverage them.