Meteor guide and API doc without JS today?


Today when I access either the Meteor guide
or the Meteor API doc
I get a pure HTML page as if JavaScript was turned off.

I get this on all browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Brave, Epic) and different machines running different OS (Windows 7, Mac OS , Android) and while connected through a landline and by 3G.

I also get the same thing on some stack overflow pages:

Are you experiencing the same thing even though April’s fool is only tomorrow? :thinking:

Or should I worry am that all the browsers on all my machines have been simultaneously hijacked :open_mouth:


I don’t know about stack overflow, but the issues on the Meteor docs and guide are caused by a 502 error when trying to add the nectar ninja script to the document dynamically.

It could be an issue that Nectar Ninja needs to fix, or maybe it’s something that needs updated with the software that these sites run on. @benjamn might be able to provide more insight on this.

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Thanks for reporting this @Jacques - I’ll get it fixed.

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