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I am new to Meteor, and I’m having trouble understanding what is probably a very basic concept. When does the package.onUse(api) function actually run? Is it only run once when you install the package in your project? I tried making deliberate typos in a package.js file for a package I am having trouble with, and nothing seems to happen.

I also am not able to find much information about the onUse() function, specifically regarding when the code is executed. Let me know if you are able to help me understand this better.


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I have just recently started using Meteor for my internship. I wanted to know what exactly happens when we give the meteor build dir/ command?

Thanks in advance!

i have a problem whit that, is more easy conding on meteor than deploy. i need to upload the aplication on gce. the only way its meteor build and convert a standart node.js app? i like use this code in meteor for a online debuggin or little changes. i only can use google app engine, but i can configure compute engine.

You give juliancwirko:postcss package as the goto package for PostCSS compiling,
I just recently had issues with build for production where my CSS wasn’t being compiled
and I reached out to Julian who in response said he was not actively maintaining the package
and haven’t been for a long time… So hopefully someone else (wish I had the know how) could
maintain or create an updated PostCSS package that works…

In my case, I’m using Meteor with Vue, so combined with PostCSS, I’m getting no CSS output. Only
when I switch back to the standard css minifier I can see my styles, but of course all my PostCSS
plugins are not compiling :frowning:

If anyone has any input, or could help me understand how to make this work, I’d greatly appreciate…
btw, everything works perfectly fine in local development, only during production does this issue occur,
which I assume has to do with the minifying part of the process.


We are also having issues with the postcss autoprefixer. Maybe somebody know other package? or other way to autoprefix?