Meteor guide for upload/store files in meteor 1.3?

What is Meteor Guide’s current/in-draft recommendation for storing or uploading Files (image, audio, video) in meteor application? is it using CollectionFS, vsivsi:file-collection or better use cloud services like Amazon S3?

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I’m using :
It’s well described and easy to start package for uploading files.

The Guide hasn’t made any official recommendations on file uploading yet, but you can see the most recent state of this here:

This issue talks about CollectionFS being the best upload option (and it’s also mentioned in the associated outline).

The above being said, a lot has changed recently. There was talk about CollectionFS being deprecated, and now that we’re able to better leverage file upload/download npm based packages, this recommendation will likely change. Never a dull moment!

@lezhnev and @hwillson : thank you for those links… i got lot informations and broader choices for this.

I used this package months ago. It had some problem with multiple uploads end points, security and collection integration. I had to use CollectionFS at the end

Does collectionFS still works? Its not updated since 2 years.