Meteor Guide - React Version

Meteor Guide looks really good! Congratulations on a job well done! Are there any plans on creating a parallel version of the Guides that is focused on React rather than Blaze?

try this

We are going to move the React docs/guide stuff into the Meteor Guide, so when 1.3 ships we will have an article about Angular and React as well.

We are putting extra effort into making all of the suggestions work regardless of your view layer. You should already be able to follow all of the recommendations (for example the stuff in the UI article: if you are using React.

The only thing missing is some React and Angular-specific code samples, we need a way to make those happen, for example in the Routing article (note that Flow Router works great for React and Blaze).

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I’m glad to hear that. I am just coming up to speed on React. And as I was reading the readthedocs React-In-Meteor docs, I began to realize that they were written by MDG, even though it doesn’t really say so anywhere that I could find.

I’ll be glad to see them migrate to the Meteor Guide (which is excellent!).