Meteor Handlebar + MDL tabbar not working as expected


Hello everyone. I am using Meteor 1.6 in combination with Material Design Lite ( The problem is, that the second of the approaches shown below produces different html code than the first one.

First approach: Working
 <div class="mdl-tabs__tab-bar">      
    <a href="#all-envs" class="mdl-tabs__tab is-active">All Envs</a>
    <a href="#dev" class="mdl-tabs__tab">dev</a>
    <a href="#test" class="mdl-tabs__tab">test</a>
Second approach: Not Working
 <div class="mdl-tabs__tab-bar">      
    <a href="#all-envs" class="mdl-tabs__tab is-active">All Envs</a>
    {{#each enviroments}}
    <a href="#{{namespace}}" class="mdl-tabs__tab">{{namespace}}</a>

HTML for one element from first approach : <a href="#dev" class="mdl-tabs__tab">dev<span class="mdl-tabs__ripple-container mdl-js-ripple-effect" data-upgraded=",MaterialRipple"><span class="mdl-ripple is-animating" style="width: 183.127px; height: 183.127px; transform: translate(-50%, -50%) translate(54px, 27px);"></span></span></a>

HTML for one element from second approach : <a href="#dev" class="mdl-tabs__tab">dev</a>

As you can see in second HTML the <span>......</span> is missing.

Am i doing something wrong and if yes, what can I do to fix it?

Any help would be highly appreciated!


Hmm, using two independent frameworks (MDL and Blaze) that both manipulate the DOM seems like a bad idea to me, seems like it could cause all sorts of conflicts. I would recommend using one of the Material frameworks built on Vue/React/Angular instead (so that you get one unified system).

I don’t know, maybe it is possible to successfully use them together, but to me it just seems like a can of worms.


First off, thanks for your response!

Secondly, I forgot to write in the first post that I am using

I am unsure of what would be the difference/advantage if I use Vue/React/Angular with the respective MDL-Packages with Meteor instead of the current setup. Could you please elaborate on that?

Which frameworks/which combination would you recommend if I want to build an application with processing on the server side and a web frontend with MDL.

Thanks in advance.