Meteor + Headless clients


I am working on a new project and I wanted some help on how to achieve my goal as it is not that clear for me :

  • I want to use meteor cool features but my need is kind of particular.

My project aim is to turn different computers into a local network monitors. To do so I have a central server, my headless clients (by headless I mean that they do not require any UI, but just a loop that gather information on the network each x seconds), and single Admin UI that can see so datas.

Even if I already worked with meteor I am not that sure how to achieve this since the headless clients will need npm packages, and I still want to us Meteor because this is the us case of meteor (having my client db the same as my servers db is so much awesome).

My point is, I have a couples of questions before getting to work :

  • have you ever heard of project working that way using meteor ?
  • How to design those loop client with meteor, as all the exemple that I find are UI exemple working with specific frameworks ?
  • What to you advise me to use for this kind of project ?

Thank you in advance