Meteor Hosting News: Galaxy Roadmap

Hi, today I’m here to announce our plans to Galaxy, I listed below the features that we are planning to incorporate in Galaxy in the next year.

As with any roadmap, this is a living document that will evolve as priorities and dependencies shift; we aim to update the roadmap with any changes or status updates every quarter.



Receive activities (right side panel of Galaxy) on your email or Slack

Allow changing settings

Change Meteor settings from UI


Autoscaling :slight_smile:

Production Meteor shell support

Allow Meteor shell on Galaxy apps

Public API

Public API so you can extend Galaxy features as you wish

Monitoring system

Smart alerts specific for Meteor apps and Galaxy servers

Improve Debugging

  • Server-side CPU and memory profiling
  • Ability to attach the Node inspector

Improve Logs UI

Better search and date navigation

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication :wink:

Native app build and publish

Build and publish Meteor Mobile Native apps to App Store and Google Play :rocket:

Deploy from Git push

Deploy directly from Git repositories

User roles

Permissions for developer and billing actions

We are going to publish this list as a readme in a git repository soon. I’ll post the link here when available.


We are also looking at new plan options thinking of hobby projects, open-source demos, etc. :thinking:


Please let us know what you think, also feel free to send an email to with suggestions.

Spread the word!


Well… this looks pretty amazing! :rocket:


Just having a plan in place for both galaxy and meteor is such a huge step in the right direction


This looks amazing, Im very happy where Meteor is going with the new roadmaps :muscle:


Definitely! For this moment pricing is an overkill for smaller developers, when you just need to test your MVP. That may be very helpful.




Olá Filip,

I am ecstatic to see some of my favorite items on your list. For us, the most important is auto-scaling. I would love to help you get it right. Please feel free to message me for our algorithm. Specifically, b/c the load-balancer shunts 100% of new traffic to a new server, we have to be a bit careful about when/how we scale up. And, to prevent churn, this also requires our down-scaling to anticipate the same metrics.

That said, I’m pretty sure 100% of your customers who need this feature will tell you that NUMBER of users EQUALS the load. Other considerations are noise.



Yes!! :heart_eyes: This is the most awesome Zeit feature (along with automatically spinning up new instances for Git branches, super useful for testing something or showing work in progress to clients).

By the way, in terms of pricing it could also be interesting to look at Zeit. Although it won’t be comparable 1:1 since it’s serverless, I find it really friendly to have the spin-up-for-free deployments. This could really help get people into the ecosystem IMO. And it would be perfectly fine to not make this production-grade — say like max 5 simultaneous users or something. These things just really help:

  1. Get people to try your platform
  2. Build community (people can showcase stuff etc, build hobby projects)
  3. Get Meteor adopted for projects. If the client (or your boss) has to pull their wallet right away, they want to know what is this Meteor thing, do we really need it, is it the best option, etc. If it’s free you can just get started developing and often nobody really asks any questions. Then, when the results are there, it’s way easier to convince them.

Sure, #1 and #2 don’t bring in any money, but #3 sure does. And you get a lot more people there by first offering them a free way to tinker with your product.


How about more AWS regions?


F… ! It’s so great ! I do not know what to say anymore…:yum:


Any plans to make Meteor monitoring (Kadira) available for non-galaxy users?
We’re currently using Monti, and while I’m very grateful zodern offers this platform, I’d really want to support Meteor in some way by paying for a service. Our devops team won’t allow us deploying on Galaxy, but we’d be happy to pay for Kadira.


Would love to see support for multiple european regions.


I need Tokyo. :rofl:


I wasn’t expecting this, but it sounds amazing, something I’d be thrilled to pay for. Sign me up.


Really looking forward to auto-scaling! Any indicative timeline on this? Migrating a $400 per month project* to AWS was my task for next month but I’m inclined to hold off if auto-scaling isn’t far off.

More than happy to pay the extra for Galaxy (when comparing the equivalent computing power to AWS) to support Meteor and Tiny, but taking auto-scaling into consideration, this same project on AWS would be <$100.

Also happy to hear of 2FA!


Amazing to hear that improvements to Galaxy are coming! Something as simple as Changing Meteor settings from UI would be great steps forward. Currently changing a small setting like temporarily disabling calls to a misbehaving 3rd party API currently requires a complete redeploy of the meteor app. The TLC you guys are showing is much appreciated.


This sounds just awesome considering how complicated deploying and keeping up apps on the stores can be. Hope the documentation to create these types of apps while follow as last time I checked (which was quite long ago) some package for native apps based on Meteor weren’t really up to date.

edit: just read the meteor roadmap and saw React Native is part of the tools for which it is planned to have all the needed docs, more than glad to see this.


Love this!!!

Can we add the Amazon Fire App Store?

This is also in our plans :slight_smile:

I believe we are going to open new topics here for specific items in the roadmap where we need more feedback then we can get more details.