Meteor Hosting Size


HI There,

My company is very new to Meteor, we are currently proposing a Meteor build application to one of our clients. I have been struggling to come up with the correct costing. We are trying to bundle our application as a service together with the Meteor hosting.

I was just wondering if you guys can recommend a typical sizing for 100 concurrent users for an application similar to Salesforce minus the analytics, just a basic sales lead management.

Thanks in advance.


All Applications Are Different™

Having said that, this doesn’t seem particularly heavy in terms of compute, database or reactivity. If you want to avoid devops costs, then it seems to me that one Galaxy container for the app, plus a small, dedicated MongoDB Atlas Cluster would be sufficient to start (M2 or M5).

Both Galaxy and Atlas are push-button scaleable, so you can grow your infrastructure along with your needs.

Note, there are cheaper options, but these costs are not huge and can be passed onto your clients.


Also you can use mLab as a free MongoDB of 0.5GB
It’s enough to get started. My cost was for image upload (customers logo mainly) and then I found cloudinary. So aside the $30/month for one small Galaxy the cost is 0 as long as it does not grow but then it’s a rich man issue :wink:
And the good part is the 0 time on devops and/or deploy.

If you’re a player you can also hook CircleCI to your git release branch :sunglasses: