Meteor Hot Code Push

I want to implement HCP functionality in my meteor App, but i don’t know how to start, i’ve read the Meteor Guide section on hot code push for mobile.
As mentioned in document i give the server address while building the app and i’ve also setup mup.json file at server. Now after doing that what to do next to implement hot code push? Do i need to add an plugin for that like autoupdate?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You.

If you’ve followed the instructions for configuring your server for hot code push (in particular setting ROOT_URL) you should be all set. Have you tried deploying a new version to see if hot code push works?

Hi martijnwalraven,
Yes, i’ve configured the ROOT_URL in mup.json as i’m using meteor Up for deployement, but how would this update the client code for the apps already installed on devices, or does setting the ROOT_URL will automatically do the job for me?

I’m not sure I understand your issue. Deploying a new version should update your clients. Can you explain what steps you’ve tried and what doesn’t work?

Hi martijinwalraven,
I’ve not deployed my application yet so i don’t know whether it will work or not. For now i’ve only set the ROOT_URL but how does client code detect the change in version , do i have to explicitly define the version no. in mup.json file that client code will check with its version no. to update its code?

No, the version is generated automatically based on the hashes of the files making up your app. This is similar to how hot code push works for regular Meteor web apps.

okay. I’ve now deployed my app with new code using mup and i’ve my application installed on the device with old code, now with HCP my app on the device should be updated with latest code but i can’t see any new changes, can you please tell me what could be the problem here? And also where can i see the internal versioning of the code?

I just want to ask if a user downloads the app after new code deployment will he be still able to get the latest code or only users who already have the app downloaded before new deployment will able to get the changes?