Meteor HTTP PUT issue


Hi there,

I am trying to submit an outbound HTTP Put Request to Pipeline deals API via the following code:

var companyId = 12345679;

var url = “” + companyId + “/?api_key=xxxxxxxxxxx”;

var response = HTTP.put(url, { data: {“company[name]”:" } },function(err, res) { console.log(err);} );

I get an error message saying that the required parameters are missing. When i tested the same on POSTMAN REST to test the api, it is working.

I tried using params instead of data as well but was not able to to have any success as well!

What could the problem be or how should I go about solving this issue?


Try writing the data as:

data: {"company":{"name":""} }

and perhaps place the api_key in params

as docuemnted here:

Worth a try :D?


gosh! this is embarrasing! I missed out a “.json” in the url.

The url is “” + companyId + “.json/?api_key=xxxxxxxxxxx”;

instead of” + companyId + “/?api_key=xxxxxxxxxxx”;

Thanks alot for your help though ahref!


Did your error object not have 404 in it D:?


Nope. It showed 422, with an error thrown as “company params is required”!