Meteor ibeacon mbanting, cant declare beacon without getting error


i have been trying to make an ibeacon app for android in meteor. I’m trying to use the mbanting plugin.

running the first example line gives me errors:

ReferenceError: ReactiveBeaconRegion is not defined

i used the following line:

var reactiveBeaconRegion = new ReactiveBeaconRegion({identifier: “beacons on shelf”, uuid: “F7826DA1-4FA2-4E97-8022-BC5B71E0893A”});

straight from the github homepage. i have tried adding an import:

import { ReactiveBeaconRegion } from ‘meteor/reactive-ibeacons’;

without success.

how can i make this work? im very new to meteor and only have basic programming knowledge.

github link:

running meteor command: meteor list shows that plugin is installed:

mbanting:reactive-ibeacons 1.2.0 Turns iBeacons into reactive data sources in your Meteor Cordova apps.

thnx in advance