Meteor IDEs: Why did MDG move from Webstorm to Atom?

I think there was a thread about this, but I could not find it.

With Webstorm’s new pricing I am considering to change to Atom but I am not sure if it is worth the effort.

MDG doesn’t promote one IDE over another (if they did we’d likely all have to revisit our long forgotten arthritis invoking emacs key bindings … kidding @debergalis please don’t ban me :slight_smile:). That being said both Webstorm and Atom are popular choices, but people are using just about every editor/IDE out there for Meteor work. I believe the Webstorm discussion you’re looking for is:


The official of IDE has always been Emacs. And the official keyboard has always been Kinesis Advantage. The official dev OS is obviously NetBSD. /s


What’s the official MDG view layer? :slight_smile:


gnaa. I am pretty sure there was a Webstorm recommendation back in the days?

However, true pros use vim.

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No way - true true pros use ed:fire:


Atom is free, Atom is not Sublime with it’s pay me notifications, Atom is free. Atom is for everyone! Webstorm is too pricey IMO.

On a different note, Never trust an atom, they makeup everything!


(Being more descriptive and conforming to 20 characters rule.)

Based on The Meteor Guide (Code style, Check your code with ESLint, Integrating with your editor) the following get a mention:
Sublime Text

I’m still sticking with Visual Studio 2015 as it’s the only code editor that allows me to clearly see 202.5 lines of code on the screen at once.

If you need to look at 202.5 lines of code at once to understand what you’re doing, my impression is that you’re doing it wrong.

I can see 42 lines, that’s usually 20 more than I need.

I never said that I need to. I just find that it makes things easier as there’s much less scrolling required and it’s easier to get a “bigger picture” view of the code and app (like “seeing the forest for the trees”), which helps if the app is very large and complex.

Get a big (50" or more) full HD (or 4K) display and try it if you haven’t yet, but not with any of those 3 officially mentioned editors because small characters appear blurry in them.

Assuming you mean 1920x1080 res by full HD, these would render the same number of pixels regardless of size so it’d be doubtful to get a clearer picture because of size.

A 50" 4K would be better but then I’d have hundreds of lines of code more than I need. :slight_smile:

Using Atom for the past week. So far its my favourite.

Anyone know a plugin for debugging?

@sashko opened a corresponding issue: